Busy Body Blueprint

Busy Body Blueprint  


Who is the Busy Body Blueprint for?

  • I designed this 12 week program for the busy person (man or woman) who has created a life that they deem successful, but in exchange has accidentally put their health to the side. I want to help guide you in becoming the healthiest you’ve ever been!!!

What are your goals?

Do you want to lose fat?

  • I got ya!

Do you want to gain muscle?

  • I got ya there too!

~ Overall, I can help you achieve the body and confidence you’ve always wanted but never quite knew how to get! From helping you set timely, realistic, attainable goals, to tailored recommendations for easy to follow nutritional guidelines, and training plans to achieve those goals, I will be there every step of the way to guide you along!


I can help you achieve them!

Are you tired of spinning your wheels trying to “figure out” nutrition and what to do in the gym?

  • I got ya!

Are you tired of eating bland, boring foods and not losing a single pound? Are you tired of not knowing what to eat? Would rather eat foods that you actually enjoy and lose all the fat you want?

  • Piece of cake (no pun intended), I got ya!

Have you NOT started a structured workout plan or nutrition regimen because you thought you “didn’t have time” or “didn’t know what’s right for you”?

  • Don’t worry you don’t have to, I got ya!!

And are you tired of doing endless amounts of cardio and spending hours in the gym?

  • Then don’t, I got ya!

~ Through a series of questionnaires, I will be able to help you identify YOUR specific needs in nutrition and training to create a plan(s) that fits YOUR lifestyle in order to become the absolute best version of yourself!

~ Not only will you receive YOUR tailored recommendations, but you will also learn techniques to continue your fitness journey, on your own, if you choose not to continue with my coaching! (Even though I hope you do because I’d miss you!!!)


With Dave!

Have you ever had a lack of motivation and accountability?

  • I got ya covered!

Are you unsure if “personal training” will work for you?

  • Trust me, I got ya!

Are you worried about having to give up your social life (eating out, going to bars with friends, having the occasional cocktail, ect…) because you’re trying to lose weight?

  • I got ya

~With nutritional recommendations and a customized training plan, you will have 100% access to me through my personal email!  With periodic check-ins, together we will set weekly goals. We will then track your progress as you report your stats to me from the previous check-in. If you have a busy, fun filled weekend ahead, we can also work together on making a plan so you can stay on track but still be able to enjoy yourself!

If you are interested in coaching and ready to not only change your body, but change your life as well, click APPLE HERE below and fill out the form. I will get back with you shortly!!



Welcome to the GOOD LIFE!!!

Dave Dugas